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Property has its duties as well as its rights.

Lord Normanby

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Civilisation cannot survive if it rests on a propertyless proletariat.

Ernest Bevin 18/08/1941

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Personally I think that private property has a right to be defended. Our civilisation is built up on property, and can only be defended by private property.

Winston Churchill 11/08/1947

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Government has no other end than the preservation of property.

John Locke 1690

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I am much nearer to creating one nation than Labour will ever be. Socialism is two nations. The privileged rulers, and everyone else. And it always gets to that. What I am desperately trying to do is create one nation with everyone being a man of property, or having the opportunity to be a man of property.

Margaret Thatcher 27/02/1983

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One of the best ways to make growth personal is to give employees a share in their firm, a real incentive to go the extra mile, more of a 'John Lewis Economy' if you like...We know that firms where employees are engaged and own a stake do at least as well as other companies in the good times and have performed even better in recent bad times. Expanding and recruiting at a much faster rate and achieving better productivity...So, why do they make up just 2% of our business landscape?

Nick Clegg

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