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The only limits of power are the bounds of belief.

Harold Wilson

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Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.

William Pitt 09/01/1770

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Of all human troubles the most hateful is to feel that you have the capacity of power and yet you have no field to excercise it.

H H Asquith

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Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton 1887

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It is a common happening that those in power, as their tenure of office continues, find themselves less and less able to contemplate relinquishing it.

Anthony Eden

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I never put the phone down without getting a little high. I have never been a junkie so it is wrong to pinch their language. It's not main-lining, just taking little snorts. It's the interplay between power and vanity.

Alan Clark

On power

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Asking politicians to vote themselves out of power is like asking rabbits not to multiply, it ain't natural.

Bob Beckel 30/03/1995

On Term Limits

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Random Speech

"[Admiral] Lewin would come in and give the bad news straight away. He said he was sorry but the Sheffield had been sunk. That was one of the occasions when she would put her head down and stare at the table and I felt had really withdrawn herself from the war cabinet, for about a minute. Then she'd shake herself and come back in again, tears running down her face.

Sir Michael Havers

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