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A semi-housetrained polecat.

Michael Foot

On Norman Tebbit

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I asked the simple question whether it was really Mr Tebbit's desire always to give his imitation of a semi-housetrained polecat. The Animal Welfare Society sent me some complaints, but that's another matter.

Michael Foot

On Norman Tebbit

Category: Insulting Conservatives

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You can have a wages policy imposed by mass unemployment.

Michael Foot

Category: Unemployment, Wages & Income

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All is fair in love and war and Parliamentary procedure.

Michael Foot

Category: Legislation

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Politicians live in little worlds of their own and imagine they are the universe.

Michael Foot

Category: Politicians (as a species)

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We will work within the Movement to get what we suggest, but we will work ten times harder to see that Margaret Thatcher will never become Prime Minister of this country.

Michael Foot 02/10/1978

Category: Margaret Thatcher (quotes about)

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I have never been in favour of expelling people from the Labour Party.

Michael Foot 20/01/1981

Category: Labour Party, Militant Tendency

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People can say what they want in the Labour Party.

Michael Foot 25/01/1981

Category: Labour Party, Free Speech

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Random Speech

I never thought of her as a woman.

John Biffen

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