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He 'broke' the vacuum cleaner the first time he was asked to use it - a well-worn male tactic

Fiona Millar 02/03/2010

Alastair Campbell's partner Fiona Millar exposes the former No 10 comms chief as being useless at housework

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A man falls in love through hus eyes, a woman through her ears.

Woodrow Wyatt 1981

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I was one of those people who was always rather frightened of women politicians.

William Whitelaw

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It is important to recognise that Mrs Thatcher is a woman. They're not like us and it's no good pretending that they are.

Peter Thorneycroft

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Reporter: Who wears the trousers in your house?

Denis Thatcher: I do. And I wash and iron them.

Denis Thatcher

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Dennis Skinner: How many civil servants are a) men and b) women?

Tim Renton: All of them

Tim Renton 06/02/1992

Answer to a parliamentary question.

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You cannot trust the interests of any class entirely to another class; and you cannot trust the interests of any sex to another sex.

David Lloyd George 1911

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I have long believed that women should play a much bigger part in our affairs.

Jo Grimond

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I usually make up my mind about a man in ten seconds and I very rarely change it.

Margaret Thatcher 1970

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Governments arise either out of the people or over the people.

Thomas Paine

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