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At a time when public finances are under huge strain, we surely do not need to pay celebrities to wax lyrical to mandarins. Unless American comedians can make the Home Office fit for purpose, the taxpayer won't be laughing.

Chris Huhne 22/03/2010

Category: Public Relations

Tags: Chris Huhne, Media, Public Relations

It was a relief to see that Gerry's search for Jesus didn't result in a meeting of minds after all. Indeed it was all strangely detached, even a little wistful. Thankfully we were spared a wander round the Holy Land looking for Jesus the revolutionary, some parallels about blood sacrifice, a Christian justification for the IRA campaign.

Slugger O'Toole 20/02/2010

On Gerry Adams's performance on Channel 4 show 'The Bible: A History'

Category: Television, IRA Terrorism, Nationalism

Tags: Ideologies, IRA Terrorism, Media, Miscellaneous, Nationalism, Slugger O'Toole, Television

Now this really is getting highly surreal and amusing at the same time. On the one hand, Labour Party people, such as John Prescott are complaining about a breach of confidentiality by the National Bullying Helpline, and then others, such as Gordon brown's PPS are demanding the helpline prove its statements, thus breaching confidentiality further.

Dizzy Thinks 22/02/2010

summarising the Gordon Brown bullying debacle

Category: Making Headlines, Number 10

Tags: Dizzy Thinks, Government, Making Headlines, Media, Number 10

I think it was a legitimate comment and I mean Twitter is edgy and you know it provokes debate. It looks on this occasion that as if it has caused a serious problem and we need to go back and look at that.

David Wright MP 16/02/2010

on his "scum-sucking pig" Twitter post

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Member of Parliament (role of)

Tags: David Wright MP, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Media, Member of Parliament (role of), Parliament, Political Parties

I am just not a great fan of the Piers Morgan format. I would rather do something a bit more substantial.

David Cameron 18/02/2010

On Piers Morgan's interview with Gordon Brown.

Category: Leaders, Interviews, Labour Politicians (quotes about), Events

Tags: David Cameron, Events, Interviews, Leaders, Media, Political Parties, Politics, Quotes About...

The wages of spin are disrepute and decay

Sir Bernard Ingham 2002

Category: Spin

Tags: Media, Sir Bernard Ingham, Spin

Britain's celebrated original spin doctor.

Peter Mandelson 06/2001

Category: Spin

Tags: Media, Peter Mandelson, Spin

Alastair campbell was a brilliant press officer, a master of media manipulation, and was even kind enough to write this quote for me.

John O'Farrell 31/08/2003

On Alastair Campbell's departure from Downing Street.

Category: Spin

Tags: John O'Farrell, Media, Spin

I am so glad I no longer have to read the Economist.

Selwyn Lloyd 1962

On his sacking as Chancellor.

Category: Journalism

Tags: Journalism, Media, Selwyn Lloyd

The journalist, whose main duty is speed, is likely sometimes to get an advantage over the diplomatist whose main object is accuracy.

Lord Curzon

Category: Journalism, Diplomacy

Tags: Diplomacy, Journalism, Lord Curzon, Media, Policy

Every sane and sensible and quiet thing we do is absolutely ignored by the press.

Bertrand Russell 1959

Category: Making Headlines

Tags: Bertrand Russell, Making Headlines, Media

Two temptations that impair the value of their work inevitably beset public men who write memoirs. One is a tendency to reconstruct the past to suit the present views and feelings of the writer; the other is a natual desire to set his own part in affairs in a pleasing light.

Edward Grey

Category: Books

Tags: Books, Edward Grey, Media

Alastair Campbell's memoirs could be worth a lot of money. Not only does he know where the bodies are buried, he buried many of them.

Iain Dale 29/08/2003

On Alastair Campbell's resignation

Category: Books

Tags: Books, Iain Dale, Media

It is better to be making the news than taking it.

Winston Churchill

A good put down to journalists

Category: Making Headlines

Tags: Making Headlines, Media, Winston Churchill

Biography should be written by an acute enemy.

Arthur Balfour 30/01/1929

Category: Books

Tags: Arthur Balfour, Books, Media

By office boys, for office boys.

Lord Salisbury

On the Daily Mail

Category: Institutions

Tags: Institutions, Lord Salisbury, Media

If I blew my nose the Daily Express and the Daily Mail would say that I am trying to spread germ warfare.

Ken Livingstone 03/04/1992

Category: Loony Left, Spin

Tags: Ken Livingstone, Loony Left, Media, Political Parties, Spin

If I rescued a child from drowning the Press would no doubt headline the story 'Benn grabs child'.

Tony Benn 02/03/1975

Category: Spin

Tags: Media, Spin, Tony Benn

What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility - the prerogative of the harlot throughout history.

Stanley Baldwin 1930

On media ownership. The Duke of Devonshire said on hearing this, "Good God, that's done it. He's lost us the tart's vote."

Category: Institutions

Tags: Institutions, Media, Stanley Baldwin

Confidentiality is the nature of all governments. Of course you may say, the government will always want to communicate the good news; things which bring satisfaction, cheer, help or pleasure to voters. And of course, you are right, governments are not masochists by nature.

Sir Bernard Ingham 05/1983

Category: Spin

Tags: Media, Sir Bernard Ingham, Spin

Random Speech

Well, there goes the Presidency.

Richard Nixon

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