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We cannot hope to achieve full employment and sustain it until we have mastered inflation.

Denis Healey 20/10/1976

Category: Inflation, Unemployment

Tags: Denis Healey, Economics, Inflation, Unemployment

I am not against a little inflation.

Emanuel Shinwell 24/05/1938

Category: Inflation

Tags: Economics, Emanuel Shinwell, Inflation

One man's wage increase is another man's price increase.

Harold Wilson 08/01/1970

Category: Inflation, Wages & Income

Tags: Economics, Harold Wilson, Inflation, Wages & Income

Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.

Ronald Reagan

Category: Inflation

Tags: Economics, Inflation, Ronald Reagan

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We have ceased to be a nation in retreat. We have instead a newfound confidence - born in the economic battles at home and tested and found true 8,000 miles away. And so today, we can rejoice at our success in the Falklands and take pride in the achievement of the men and women of our task force. But we do so, not as some flickering of a flame which must soon be dead. No, we rejoice that Britain has rekindled that spirit which has fired her for generations past and which today has begun to burn as brightly as before. Britain found herself again in the South Atlantic and will not look back from the victory she has won.

Margaret Thatcher

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