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He only had one idea and that was wrong.

Benjamin Disraeli

On an unknown MP.

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As usual, the Liberals offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately, none of the sound ideas is original, and none of the original ideas is sound.

Harold Macmillan 1961

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If politicians would think more they would act less.

Marquess of Halifax

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the number of people who really think in any age and country is very limited, and still smaller is the number of those who think for themselves.

H H Asquith 1918

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I am not one who, to quote an American author, believes that democracy and enterprise have finally won the battle of ideas - that we have therefore arrived at the end of history, and there is nothing left to fight for. That would be unutterably complacent, indeed foolish. There will always be threats to freedom, not only from frontal assaults, but more insidiously by erosion from within.

Margaret Thatcher 14/11/1989

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I don't care for music, I don't care for scenery, I don't care for women...I like bridge.

Andrew Bonar Law

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