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Two temptations that impair the value of their work inevitably beset public men who write memoirs. One is a tendency to reconstruct the past to suit the present views and feelings of the writer; the other is a natual desire to set his own part in affairs in a pleasing light.

Edward Grey

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Alastair Campbell's memoirs could be worth a lot of money. Not only does he know where the bodies are buried, he buried many of them.

Iain Dale 29/08/2003

On Alastair Campbell's resignation

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Biography should be written by an acute enemy.

Arthur Balfour 30/01/1929

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One has to live with the ignominy of a garish sticker slapped over one's face, proclaiming '?€£5, or more off' from the very beginning.

Michael Heseltine

on the perils of selling his autobiography Life in the Jungle.

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Random Speech

To accuse Mrs Thatcher of wishing to torpedo Europe because she defends the interests of her country with great determination is to question her underlying intentions in the same way that people used to question those of de Gaulle in regard to French interests.


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