Theresa May opts for strong and stable summer holiday snaps

Written by Josh May on 26 July 2017 in Diary

The PM plays it safe with this year's holiday photo. 

Theresa May has just been through the moment feared most by prime ministers: the summer holiday pictures.

The verdict on this year’s edition is that it is, well, a bit boring.

The pole-wielding, backpack-wearing Mays from their 2016 Alpine trek have been replaced by the couple on a gentle stroll through a town in northern Italy. 

There were no fish markets so beloved by David Cameron on his summer holidays. 



Nor a cameo from Silvio Berlusconi, who popped up with Tony Blair and clan in 2004. 



According to Cameron’s former communications director Craig Oliver, the summer holiday is a stressful time for the Downing Street spin team – so they might well settle for a bit of commentary on the cost of her dress. 







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