Business minister Margot James is left in the dark

Written by James Millar on 20 July 2017 in Diary

Somebody forgot to put a penny in the meter as the lights went out in the House of Commons

Business minister Margot James was left floundering when the lights went out in the Commons chamber last night minutes before the day's business was due to end.

James took an intervention in the adjournment debate brought by new Labour MP Anna McMorrin only for the lights to get switched off as she began her response. She confessed: "The situation in the chamber lighting-wise has slightly thrown me off."

The debate was about plans by Tesco to close a customer care centre in Cardiff costing 1100 jobs.



With recess starting today and many MPs and staff leaving last night the suspicion was that someone was a bit too keen to get away. Some lights came back on to allow Labour's Stephen Doughty to make a point of order and when the House was adjourned it was bathed in light again, only for the lights to get switched back off once MPs had gone for the night.

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