Jeremy Corbyn cancels the summer holidays

Written by James Millar on 18 July 2017 in Diary

The Labour leader is still in campaigning mode and wants his MPs on the doorsteps too

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told his MPs to keep campaigning and carry on the momentum the party built up in the general election campaign.

Corbyn plans to visit at least 40 marginal seats during the parliamentary recess that begins on Friday, enough to put him in Downing Street if Labour won them all. The party machine will target a total of 100 seats in England, Scotland and Wales in a summer onslaught.

Speaking after the final meeting of the parliamentary labour party last night Corbyn, who one year ago was embroiled in a civil war with his MPs after most of them backed a vote of no confidence against him, described the atmosphere in the room. He said: "It was very warm, incredibly happy - maybe because there's a recess coming. They're looking forward to a long recess but my bad news is they're not getting one because they've got to go campaigning."

The summer blitz is believed to be Labour's biggest outwith general election campaigning. As well as the leader's personal appearances there will be a huge investment in targeted social media ads and posts.

However all is not entirely serene in Labour. The party's national executive committee meets today and is expected to vote down moves to change the leadership rules and discuss a review of the general election campaign.



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