Tim Farron finally answers on gay sex, but when will Theresa May be asked?

Written by David Singleton on 25 April 2017 in Diary

At least one senior journalist is ready to push the PM on the same subject.

Tim Farron has finally said that he does not believe gay sex is a sin after days of dodging the question.

The Liberal Democrat leader repeatedly avoided answering whether he regarded gay sex as a sin during an interview on Channel 4 News in 2015.

And he took the same approach last week, telling Channel 4 News: "I’m not in the position to make theological announcements over the next six weeks."
He also ducked the question while appearing on ITV’s Peston On Sunday, replying only that “being gay is not a sin” and saying he was “getting tired of this line of questioning” when asked to be unambiguous on the matter.

But in an interview with BBC political correspondent Eleanor Garnier, Farron employed a classic understatement when he acknowledged it had "become an issue".

"I don't believe that gay sex is a sin," he added, in a bid to kill off the questioning once and for all.

Farron has been attacked in the past about his voting record on equal marriage, but he is not the only Westminster leader to be vulnerable in this area.

Theresa May has previously voted against reducing the age of consent for gay people, the repeal of Section 28 and civil partnership. However, the vicar’s daughter voted in favour of same-sex marriage in 2013.

With Farron having been bombarded with questions about gay sex in the past week, many voters might now expect that the prime minister will be subject to the same treatment.

So now they have had their fun with Farron, will broadcasters be asking the prime minister if she believes that gay sex is a sin?

Channel 4 News’ Cathy Newman today made it clear that she would ask the same question to the prime minister if she got the chance, while Sky News’ Beth Rigby provided a more enigmatic response to a fellow journalist.












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