Emily Thornberry speaks out on healthy eating for kids: Let them grow carrots

Written by David Singleton on 10 April 2017 in Diary

Move over Jamie Oliver…

Jamie Oliver called for a sugar tax and clear labelling to help cut obesity among children in Britain.

But Emily Thornberry has other ideas.

The shadow foreign secretary has suggested that overweight and disadvantaged children should be taught how to "grow a carrot" to help them to learn about healthy eating.

Thornberry was appearing on The Andrew Marr Show following Labour’s recent announcement that it plans to give all primary school pupils free meals at lunchtime.

"I believe that all children should go to state schools and part of that education should be having a lunch and part of that is being taught about healthy eating," she said.

Labour’s policy would improve children’s knowledge about what to eat, Thornberry said.

"If you look at poor children now they're not thin, they're overweight.

"And that is because of poor eating, because of bad eating habits...

"Part of your education ought to be teaching you about, you know, how you'd grow a carrot."



The shadow cabinet minister also argued that universal free school meals would end the stigma around children not paying for lunch.

She said she was a product of free school dinners and recalled how she "had to queue up separately with different colour tickets when I got free school dinners".

And Thornberry joked: "You know I wouldn’t be the big strong girl I am today if it wasn't for free school dinners."

Her banter prompted host Marr to reply diplomatically.

The experienced presenter shot back: "I’m saying nothing. I'm saying nothing."


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