Brought to book: Jesse Norman MP

by Jesse Norman MP / 06 May 2012

Hinterland: Siobhan McMahon MSP

by Siobhan McMahon MSP / 04 May 2012

Politics is an all-consuming business, which is why watching Celtic is a perfect switch-off says the Labour MSP

Review: Surrender: How British Industry Gave Up The Ghost

by Iain Wright MP / 27 Apr 2012

This history of British industry's decline demonstrates the perils of complacency, says Iain Wright MP

Lunch with... Stewart Jackson

Lunch with... Stewart Jackson

by Amber Elliott / 18 Apr 2012

The former PPS samples Indian seafood cuisine with Amber Elliott. Photo by Ryan Stamatiades

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Pleasure in parliamentary loos

09 Apr 2012

Our anonymous staffers lift the lid on what really goes on in Westminster

Top ten awkward Boris moments

Top ten awkward Boris moments

by Sebastian Mann / 02 Apr 2012

It wasn’t easy, but we managed it. We’ve selected the ten most toe-curling moments in Boris’s recent past

Darling: Bank of England needs ‘proper governance’

by Alistair Darling / 28 Mar 2012

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling reviews a new account of the recent history of the Bank of England

Review: After Miss Julie

by Lucinda Murphy / 14 Mar 2012

A cruel love story

Review: Bel Ami

by Lucinda Murphy / 08 Mar 2012

A visceral social commentary on late 19th century Paris

Hinterland: Chris Evans MP

by Chris Evans MP / 02 Mar 2012

The Islwyn politician trots out his favourite form of relaxation

Review: Jeremy Deller: Joy in People

by Lucinda Murphy / 22 Feb 2012

A long-awaited exhibition of the Turner Prize winning artist's work

Researchers' stories

13 Feb 2012

Our anonymous staffers lift the lid on what really goes on in Westminster

My old book: Jacob Rees-Mogg

by Jacob Rees-Mogg / 05 May 2012

Jacob Rees-Mogg explains why he prizes The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Review: Think Tank

by Robert Buckland / 27 Apr 2012

This history of the Adam Smith Institute is thorough, but Robert Buckland wonders if the think tank's best work is behind it

Let’s go Dimble-dancing

Let’s go Dimble-dancing

by Caroline Crampton / 26 Apr 2012

Caroline Crampton trots along to the BBC Question Time Watchalong for a communal heckle

Paul Flynn MP on accusations of anti-semitism

Paul Flynn MP on accusations of anti-semitism

by Caroline Crampton / 13 Apr 2012

Caroline Crampton takes the Welsh MP for a very Italian lunch

Julian Huppert MP on his garlic themed dinner party

by Julian Huppert MP / 06 Apr 2012

The Lib Dem shares his favourite pastimes of cycling and cooking

Damian Collins MP on Philip Gould’s cautionary tale

by Damian Collins MP / 01 Apr 2012

Damian Collins MP explains why Labour polling guru Phillip Gould's book should be a cautionary tale for Conservatives

Lunch with... Kwasi Kwarteng

by Ben Duckworth / 16 Mar 2012

The Conservative MP and prolific author goes for a French-themed lunch with Ben Duckworth

Researchers' stories

12 Mar 2012

Our anonymous staffers lift the lid on what really goes on in Westminster

Top ten awkward Ken moments

by Sebastian Mann / 05 Mar 2012

Overactive paparazzi, or a series of bad decisions? All we know is that these Livingstone pics are brilliant (Boris's turn next month)

Review: Keynes-Hayek

Review: Keynes-Hayek

by Keith Simpson / 24 Feb 2012

Keith Simpson reviews a book that documents the clash of ideas between John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek

Lunch with... Gavin Shuker

Lunch with... Gavin Shuker

by Amber Elliott / 17 Feb 2012

The Labour MP goes for some Brazilian barbecue with Amber Elliott

Review: J. Edgar

Review: J. Edgar

09 Feb 2012

A biopic of the quixotic FBI director

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