<p><strong>Sam Macrory<br />

Sam Macrory

Sam Macrory, previously Political Editor of House magazine, became Editor of Total Politics in May 2013.



<p><strong>Antonello Sticca<br />

Antonello Sticca

Antonello is an Italian graphic designer and has being working in London for more than 13 years now. In Rome, he worked for the design of the Olympics bid and various other publications. He then worked at GT and Diva magazine in London. At the end of summer 2010, he joined Total Politics and constructed the redesign of the monthly magazine. He now designs it each month. Total Politics has been a great inspiration for Antonello; the magazine needed an evolution from a corporate publication to a more lifestyle magazine with a modern design and new bearing.

"When I first saw Total Politics I felt that the magazine was in need of support and clear direction on how to illustrate basic words with clear design.

“I take inspiration from everywhere and I apply those influences to my work and in this instance for the design of Total Politics. The name itself, Total Politics, is a source of inspiration since it holds all the colours of the British politics.

“I wanted to simplify the magazine with my design – giving a distinctive character to the various parts of the publication and supply the readers with the right signpost of each section, then furnish the pages with linear and brand new fonts and custom-made photography.

“I hope that with the redesign of the mag and the website we have more people following us."



<p><strong>Anoosh Chakelian<br />
Deputy Editor</strong></p>

Anoosh Chakelian
Deputy Editor

Anoosh became Deputy Editor Total Politics in June 2013, having joined as Special Sections Editor in June 2012. Previously, she worked at TIME magazine, and has been attempting to purge her writing of American spellings ever since leaving the organization organisation. Prior to that, she wrote features for the Telegraph and its magazine, ranging from interviews with millionaire entrepreneurs to psychoanalysing Kermit the Frog. Since graduating in 2011, the news appears to have been chasing her, with the News of the World folding days after she began interning at News International, and, when reporting for her local, the Ealing Gazette, she walked slap-bang into the Ealing riots. She has yet to decide whether this pattern is a curse or a blessing.