Donations on the doorstep

Donations on the doorstep

by Melanie Batley / 10 May 2012

Melanie Batley discovers new smartphone technology that could revolutionise and democratise fundraising

Right on the button

Right on the button

by Melanie Batley / 08 Aug 2011

Melanie Batley casts her vote (remotely) for the introduction of a long-awaited tool of democracy, the electronic voting system

Appleocracy in action

Appleocracy in action

by Melanie Batley / 05 Apr 2011

Melanie Batley drags and drops campaigning into the 21st century with a look at the swift rise in popularity of the latest parliamentary aid – the iPad

Check-in to win

by Melanie Batley / 17 Dec 2010

New communication tools that combine social networking with GPS tracking

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Raising a Facebook profile

by Melanie Batley / 29 Oct 2010

Melanie Batley offers some insight into how to use social networking to your full advantage

Fundraising 2.0

by Melanie Batley / 20 Aug 2010

Melanie Batley on new technology that allows a campaign's supporters and donors to raise money through their online social networks Internet technology is transforming every area of campaigning, and political fundraising is no exception.

The joy of text

by Melanie Batley / 18 Jun 2010

Mobiles are the stuff of dreams for politicians, says Melanie Batley, because you reach people instantly, with an almost guaranteed chance they will pay attention For those of you who hit the campaign trail during the election, you were probably told repeatedly just how fed-up people are by politicians.

Revealed: The DNA of each voter

by Melanie Batley / 19 Mar 2010

Micro-targeting gives a virtually complete picture of every individual, the ability to predict their support for a particular party and, crucially, the issues, messages and mediums that move them to vote.

Online, on target

Online, on target

by Melanie Batley / 10 Jan 2012

Don’t forget that social networking is now the biggest tool in your campaigning box of tricks, says Melanie Batley

To tweet, or not to tweet: that is the question

by Melanie Batley / 05 May 2011

Social networking is an invaluable tool for any parliamentarian, but, asks Melanie Batley, are sites such as Twitter more time-consuming than they're worth?

Befriending the internet

Befriending the internet

by Melanie Batley / 22 Feb 2011

Online political videos can get you serious exposure. But they can also get you burned. Melanie Batlie looks at their efficacy

Online advertising

Online advertising

by Melanie Batley / 22 Nov 2010

It is now possible to construct micro-targeted internet ads that adapt to a detailed understanding of voters. And it doesn't need to cost huge sums

We've got an app for that

by Melanie Batley / 17 Sep 2010

Melanie Batley looks at the proliferation of political apps and how the smartphone is revolutionising communication with the electorate An iPhone 4 may be this season's must-have gadget, but for the political candidate, being trendy means launching your own campaign app.

Campaigning like wildfire

by Melanie Batley / 23 Jul 2010

Melanie Batley on a new technology platform that takes the campaign to supporters whatever social networks they are involved inOver 350 million people have a Facebook account, 60 million use Twitter and hundreds of millions of videos are watched on YouTube every day, so it's no wonder politicians are pouring time and energy into online activity.

Talk is cheap

by Melanie Batley / 21 May 2010

Melanie Batley looks into a new way to connect with voters at a fraction of the traditional costImagine being able to speak directly to tens of thousands of people in your constituency at one time, in less than an hour, for as little as £2,000.

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