Reshuffles: the political rutting season

Reshuffles: the political rutting season

by Jerry Hayes / 25 Mar 2012

As a pungent fug pervades Westminster, Jerry Hayes hails the start of reshuffle-speculation season

What really happens in court

by Jerry Hayes / 29 Jun 2011

Jerry Hayes on the press chorus around the Milly Dowler trial

The tragedy of Philip Davies' comments

by Jerry Hayes / 18 Jun 2011

The danger of Phili Davies' statement about the minimum wage is that it will cause some commentators to muse that maybe he has a point. This is a tragedy, says Jerry Hayes

Privacy for all parties in sex cases

by Jerry Hayes / 10 Jun 2011

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen's arrest, and subsequent release, for an alleged sexual assault demonstrates why all parties in sex crime cases should be anonymous, says Jerry Hayes

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Who will have the courage to tame Netanyahu?

Who will have the courage to tame Netanyahu?

by Jerry Hayes / 04 Jun 2011

The former head of Mossad Meir Dagan has attacked Israel's government as "irresponsible and reckless" and praised Arab attempts to find peace. This is no fit of pique, though - Dagan is well-respected abroad and his countrymen would do well to listen to him, says Jerry Hayes

Ed Balls: backbenchers' open goal

Ed Balls: backbenchers' open goal

by Jerry Hayes / 30 May 2011

Ed Balls' poor judgment over the Sharon Shoesmith case has left him wide open to attacks from ambitions backbenchers, says Jerry Hayes

Why is Cameron flirting with Mandelson?

by Jerry Hayes / 21 May 2011

If Cameron is really going to back Peter Mandelson to run the World Trade Organisation, it had better be part of a very clever plan. Otherwise it's going to come back to bite him in a truly spectacular fashion, says Jerry Hayes

Alas poor Heffer, he is no more

by Jerry Hayes / 17 May 2011

Jerry Hayes is overcome with sorrow at the departure of the Telegraph's Simon Heffer. Well, sort of

The 'No Sex Please, We're British' Bill must die

The 'No Sex Please, We're British' Bill must die

by Jerry Hayes / 07 May 2011

Nadine Dorries is the latest in a long tradition of forthright female parliamentarians, but on the subject of sex education she's dead wrong, says Jerry Hayes

The Royals and bin Laden could ride to Clegg's rescue

The Royals and bin Laden could ride to Clegg's rescue

by Jerry Hayes / 03 May 2011

Labour must not get too complacent this week. The events of the past few days could still bring Clegg and the Lib Dems back from the brink of catastrophe, says Jerry Hayes

Bring on the buck-passing inquiry

by Jerry Hayes / 07 Jul 2011

The government must take urgent action on phone hacking - it's just a shame they don't really know what it should be, says Jerry Hayes

Politicians should know better than to mess with animals

Politicians should know better than to mess with animals

by Jerry Hayes / 25 Jun 2011

Mark Pritchard's motion to ban wild animals in circuses would have gone unnoticed if he hadn't accused No 10 of threatening him. But what did he expect? The Whips don't take any prisoners, and never have

Who will replace Ed?

Who will replace Ed?

by Jerry Hayes / 13 Jun 2011

Why the Tory right may be Ed Miliband's only hope of electoral success, says Jerry Hayes

The Ministry of Justice is Ken's real problem

by Jerry Hayes / 09 Jun 2011

Forget the predictable tabloid outrage about Ken Clarke's sentencing proposals. The real problem the justice secretary needs to tackle is the effect of the cuts to the justice system, says Jerry Hayes

It's time to buy shares in Andrew Lansley

by Jerry Hayes / 03 Jun 2011

The health secretary has weathered attacks that would have felled a lesser man, says Jerry Hayes

Why I'm all superinjunctioned out

by Jerry Hayes / 23 May 2011

Until Parliament becomes more responsible in the way it uses privilege, we're going to be subjected to an endless stream of these scandals, says Jerry Hayes

Politicians' ignorance on rape sentencing

by Jerry Hayes / 18 May 2011

Most of the politicians who have been commenting on rape sentencing have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. If you're going to try and sell something to the public, at least understand what it is, says Jerry Hayes

Nul points: Huhne's lack of Eurovision

by Jerry Hayes / 16 May 2011

Chris Huhne has fallen victim to his own ambition, and no one is going to catch him when he falls, says Jerry Hayes

There's a bit more going on than just AV

by Jerry Hayes / 06 May 2011

While we've been occupied with local elections and the AV referendum, some serious politics has been going on elsewhere, says Jerry Hayes

Why are the Tory right so ghastly?

by Jerry Hayes / 20 Apr 2011

Are they hell bent on self destruction? Is this all a sad cry for help? Jerry Hayes isn't sure which is worse - if No to AV win or if they lose

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