The ambitions of Chris Huhne

The ambitions of Chris Huhne

by Ben Duckworth / 18 Feb 2011

The energy and climate change secretary has become an anchor for
the Lib Dems in government. Ben Duckworth speaks to him.

PMQs: Thoughts from the Gallery

by Ben Duckworth / 26 Jan 2011

Amber has written her thoughts up on PMQs below.

PMQs: the battle for the NHS

by Ben Duckworth / 19 Jan 2011

"Cameron's good at explaining the how, he's much less good at explaining the why" said a senior Conservative MP to me this week.

Chloe Smith's theatre review: A Flea in Her Ear, The Old Vic

by Ben Duckworth / 18 Jan 2011

It's a busy week in Westminster but for those (perhaps the Lords who sat through their marathon session on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill last night) who fancy a rest from politics at some point, here is Conservative MP Chloe Smith's review of A Flea in her Ear, currently running at The Old Vic theatre near Waterloo until 5 March.

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Merry Christmas from Total Politics

by Ben Duckworth / 23 Dec 2010

Party Lines is going quiet for a little while, so we would like to thank you for visiting us over the past year and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Modern radio for a new politics

by Ben Duckworth / 17 Dec 2010

In a world of new technology and enormous choice, should the licence fee go towards a pop music station?

Editor's Letter: Uncle Mandelson

by Ben Duckworth / 22 Nov 2010

Ben Duckworth on the much respected, if not admired, figure of Lord Mandelson

A department for home and abroad: Alan Duncan

by Ben Duckworth / 22 Nov 2010

One clear winner from the spending review was the Department for International Development.

Spending review: Kitty Ussher

by Ben Duckworth / 29 Oct 2010

Ben Duckworth meets Kitty Ussher, ex-Treasury minister turned think tank head, and finds out whether the government made the correct decisions in its comprehensive spending reviewThe great unknown in George Osborne's long statement on the government's comprehensive spending review(CSR) is his vision for growth.

A quick definition of the Big Society

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Oct 2010

There have been, by my rough count, about 450 Big Society events held at this year's Conservative conference.

Welfare reform highlights big society shortcomings

by Ben Duckworth / 17 Feb 2011

Chris Huhne interview: Finding the next level

by Ben Duckworth / 24 Jan 2011

Here is a preview of the next cover of Total Politics, out on the newsstands tomorrow.

Crisis Management: Northern Ireland Water

by Ben Duckworth / 19 Jan 2011

In the next edition of Total Politics - which will be fantastic - the campaigns section will feature a special focus on practical ways to handle crisis management.

What does Radio 1 give us?

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Jan 2011

The Sound of 2011 poll is being announced by the BBC this week.

Editor's Letter: Losing lustre

by Ben Duckworth / 17 Dec 2010

How the leader has lost the golden touch and another is trying to find it

Win a night in a suite at brand new Westminster 5* star hotel

by Ben Duckworth / 03 Dec 2010

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a night in a new five star hotel all you have to do is come up with a name for the 'Politician's Suite'.

Hanging out in opposition: Tony Abbott

by Ben Duckworth / 22 Nov 2010

Tony Abbott is the leader of the Australian Liberal Party.

Editor's Letter: Big hitters and big visions

by Ben Duckworth / 29 Oct 2010

Ben Duckworth explains how this issue features two of the most formidable negotiators in government

It's not big but fair: Will Hutton

by Ben Duckworth / 29 Oct 2010

Will Hutton has a vision for a new capitalism in Britain.

Nick Clegg's conference speech: please "stick with us"

by Ben Duckworth / 20 Sep 2010

Much has been made of the Liberal Democrats 'anxious' state of mind at their conference.