..and spice and all things nice...

by Ben Duckworth / 06 Aug 2009

By John Owens Though I'm slightly worried even mentioning the name (hint: one lump or two?) for fear of bringing on a libel action, it's good to see The Spectator standing their ground standing up for one of their own.

Parliament: less bang for our buck?

by Ben Duckworth / 06 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett Following the publication of the "Parliamentary Trends" paper, some interesting facts come to light like the fact that MPs are being paid more, but passing less legislation and sitting 'in Parliament' for less time.

Harman's political albatross

by Ben Duckworth / 06 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett After the many days of Harriet Harman, our acting Prime Minister, almost writing the front pages of the newspapers with her unashamedly forceful feminist viewpoints - she has taken to the airwaves to deny yet again she is positioning herself as a future party leader.

Putin's annual "gunshow"

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett When reading today's papers, many people would not have missed the photos of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin showing off his bulging biceps as he was photographed horseriding, swimming, motorboating and posing in a tree as an outdoor "cowboy" type of man.

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The future of Labour

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Aug 2009

The compromise that is New Labour is becoming increasingly creaky.

Trade Unions appear back in the news

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

The Communications Workers Union, which has enjoyed a good fight in the recent debate about the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, has threatened to set up a separate trade union grouping.

Politics - more violent than you may think

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett In the spirit of our next issue's piece on bullying in Parliament, we can all be thankful that, despite any alleged expense 'fiddles' or occasions of improbity, our politicians aren't nearly as dangerous as those involved in the 17 most violent political brawls around the world.

How will America end?

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

If you need a distraction from the Harriet Harman and Peter Mandelson competition for the most headlines during silly season, have a look at the four most likely scenarios for America ending as we know it which Slate.

The imbalance at the heart of a McKinnon extradition

by Ben Duckworth / 31 Jul 2009

By John Owens What started with an enactment of formality behind closed doors between a few senior politicians in the name of a grey haired, elderly lady has come to this.

"It is a good sign of how the Conservative Party has changed" - Speaking to Theresa May about Norwich North

by Ben Duckworth / 30 Jul 2009

I sat down with the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and Campaign Manager for Norwich North a couple of days ago to find out her thoughts now the immediate post-byelection glow has faded.


by Ben Duckworth / 06 Aug 2009

by John Owens If the internet has promised us anything, it is has promised us the spread of ideas and the flow of information.

TV killed the politics star...or has it?

by Ben Duckworth / 06 Aug 2009

Troubled Channel 4 announced yesterday that it was axing More 4 News and its News at Noon bulletin.

Advice from within

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Aug 2009

John Owens Amongst all the furore around whether or not the government was complicit in the torture of detainees, this thoughtful,simple and practical guide to what the government should be doing by Labour MP Michael Meacher is worth a read.

The Government's reverse Midas touch

by Ben Duckworth / 05 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett Over the last few days we have seen more financial news hitting the headlines.

Open primary tryout

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

by John Owens It really was the taking part, not the winning, that counted at the Totnes by-election today.

Gordon Brown’s unholiday

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett Initially it seemed that Gordon Brown was just going to take a break and relax in his constituency, with a possible extra sojourn in the Lake District, while he catches up on his sport.

The Lisbon threat

by Ben Duckworth / 04 Aug 2009

By John Owens With everyone popping off on their 'staycations', it is worth casting a glance to what the future holds and speculating a bit.

The PM4PM nonsense

by Ben Duckworth / 03 Aug 2009

by Asa Bennett As the parliamentary recess continues with even the Prime Minister leaving to holiday in Kirkcaldy and the Lake District to catch up on his sport, the business of government still continues apace.

Step up to the plate Gordon

by Ben Duckworth / 30 Jul 2009

By John Owens “I don't think Gordon would have a problem with that.

David Cameron doesn't like tw#ts

by Ben Duckworth / 29 Jul 2009

By Asa Bennett If you were listening to Absolute Radio this morning, you would have likely heard Christian O’Connell’s “different kind of interview” with David Cameron where, in a quirky exchange, Cameron admitted he did not use Twitter as: “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it - too many twits might make a twat” His quip chimes with the increasingly prevalent belief that Twitter is overhyped and not nearly as popular as suggested.