Graeme Archer on the Twitter-driven WeLoveTheNHS campaign, inspired by US-criticism of our healthcare system:

"This wasn't a spontaneous chance to list all the reasons why we might love the NHS. It was a calculated attempt to make Conservatives sign up to a single viewpoint, that the current manifestation of the NHS is simply unimproveable, and that to question any aspect of its operation is to be On The Wrong Side Of The Debate."

Graeme Archer is a Conservative activist who feels at home on ConservativeHome:

Meanwhile, Jamie Sport possibly cracks out too much hyperbole in his efforts to praise the NHS after MEP Dan Hannan criticised it:

"Only the most cold-hearted of cynics could express disdain for the many extraordinary achievements made in Britain throughout history. Those who have struggled for freedom and justice have shaped a country safe and civilised, without fear of oppression, tyranny, death or disease in which nearly everyone is represented and enfranchised."

Jamie Sport is part of the Liberal Conspiracy:

Using the incoherent rantings of a contributor to the BBC's messageboard, Sadie Smith tells the world about her experience working for an anti-anti-semitism charity:

" I developed a suspicion that I still cant shake that when a seemingly normal person becomes a ranting demagogue only on the subject of Israel and "Zionism" whilst seemingly ambivalent about the Taliban, Zimbabwe, or North Korea that there is something a little more behind their passion than a simple and understandable dislike of the injustices suffered by the Palestinians. "

Sadie blogs at her Tavern:

Perez Hilton responds to Lib Dem proposals to clearly label airbrushed models in advertising:

" If you think about it, it's kind of false advertising. Misleading the consumer! We doubt they'll ever ban all Photoshopping, but they have a point. Airbrushing has gotten ridiculous. "

Perez Hilton doesn't usually blog about British politics, but when he does it's at

The Heresiarch objects to The Guardian's interview with Peter Mandelson:

" (It) reads in parts like a Hello! magazine profi le. Or worse, like the effusion of a starstruck teenager... Could somebody please pass the sickbag? "

The Heresiarch is more right than left and blogs at Heresy Corner:

Blogs you might have missed but shouldn't

Former Deputy Prime Minister and danger to grammar John Prescott has got hold of this new fangled internet thing and blogs at

Liberal Vision is a group blog by people who "seek to bring together all Lib Dem supporters who support lower taxes, a smaller state and an extension of personal freedom":

The News of the World is worth a visit for a more man-on-the-street view:

René Lavanchy is a staff reporter with Tribune magazine and offers "politically impartial ‘long view' analysis of topical issues" at

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