What's happening

Today Counts and declarations from yesterday's local and mayoral elections continue. A declaration in London is expected later tonight

8.30 Phillip Hammond attends as Royal Navy helicopter carrier HMS Ocean sails up the River Thames for an Olympics security exercise as part of operation Olympic Guardian

17.00 Peter Mandelson delivers the Hands lecture at Mansfield College, Oxford, entitled 'Is the European Project Over?'

What's been said

MPs are caught in an angry vortex of their own devising, especially over pay inequality, says Polly Toynbee in The Guardian

Boris Johnson, the real Tory, is about to make life much harder for David Cameron, says Fraser Nelson in the Daily Telegraph

Don't fall for easy assumptions about how the French will vote, says Mary Dejevsky in The Independent

Now the elections are over, the ruthlessness of the Conservative Party towards its leaders should never be underestimated, says Tim Montgomerie in The Times (£)