George Osborne has now delivered his much-leaked 2012 Budget. But how did it compare to his previous two?

A quick and easy way of making the comparison is with a word-cloud, like this.

This is a visualisation of his statement today:

As you can see, all the tax changes - the personal allowance increase, the personal statements, the top rate tax cut - made an obvious impact. Osborne's frequent mentions of investment in infrastructure (echoing David Cameron's speech on the subject earlier this week) showed up too.

In 2011, tax also had a large presence, of course. In this one, though, the word 'duty' showed up more than it did today - indicative of the Chancellor's minimal focus on alcohol and fuel duty.

And finally, compare with the 2010 Budget, where the word 'spending' made much more of an appearance than it has since - unsurprising, given the lack of growth we've experience since then.

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