The war of the Lords

The war of the Lords

by Martin Shapland / 11 Jul 2012

The first skirmish ended in stalemate, reports Martin Shapland. Now, the long, bloody entrenched war of attrition on Lords reform begins and a referendum may be both inevitable and desirable

The Jeremy Hunt hunt is on

The Jeremy Hunt hunt is on

by Martin Shapland / 13 Jun 2012

No one should be surprised by Clegg’s refusal to back Cameron over Jeremy Hunt. It’s a mess of Tory making, says Martin Shapland

A dire week for the Conservatives and a disaster for Labour

by Martin Shapland / 30 Mar 2012

The Conservatives have made mistake after mistake this week but Labour's opposition has been vacuous at best, says Martin Shapland

This weekend Liberals should trumpet their influence

by Martin Shapland / 09 Mar 2012

Liberal Democrats have a choice this weekend. They can either trumpet their efforts to make the NHS bill better, or they can succumb to Labour's siren calls of outright opposition

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The rise of Liberal factionalism

by Martin Shapland / 13 Feb 2012

Martin Shapland wonders if the growing number of pressure groups within the Liberal Democrats is a sign of the party's coming of age or a prelude to a nasty post-coalition split

On higher education, confusion reigns

On higher education, confusion reigns

by Martin Shapland / 24 Jan 2012

Today’s Telegraph ‘exclusive’ that the higher education bill is about to be ‘indefinitely postponed’ should be good news for students and academics – shouldn’t it?

Diane Abbott's crass generalisations

by Martin Shapland / 05 Jan 2012

Welcome to the first Twitter storm of 2012, over Diane Abbott’s alleged racism in a tweet claiming that white people ‘love to divide and rule’

The coalition's housing plan is good news for young people

The coalition's housing plan is good news for young people

by Martin Shapland / 21 Nov 2011

The average age of the first time home buyer is pushing 40 and deposits and rents are at an all time high. Building new homes and making housing affordable is of the utmost importance

Why the EU referendum motion will die

Why the EU referendum motion will die

by Martin Shapland / 21 Oct 2011

The poor timing of Monday's vote on an in-out referendum on Europe is toxic for the coalition and potentially destabilising for the economy, says Martin Shapland, and that’s why it will fail

Faking it at Labour Party conference

by Martin Shapland / 30 Sep 2011

Watching the Labour Party conference this week Martin Shapland detects something deeply unreal about it all

Michael Gove's exam power play

Michael Gove's exam power play

by Martin Shapland / 21 Jun 2012

No one in Westminster is quite sure what the education secretary's 80s-throwback is all about – that goes for the Conservatives as much as Lib Dems, teachers and pupils, says Martin Shapland

Why don’t we celebrate being British?

Why don’t we celebrate being British?

by Martin Shapland / 06 Jun 2012

So the Queen has long reigned over us. Great. When are we going to have a Festival of Britain that celebrates all that it is to be British?

Equal taxation? It’s simply generational fairness

by Martin Shapland / 23 Mar 2012

Try as he might, Martin Shapland just can't share your 'Granny Tax' pain

A bag-carrier's guide to surviving Twitter

by Martin Shapland / 02 Mar 2012

Twitter can be a minefield for the politically active aide. Here's Martin Shapland's guide to steering your way safely through it

On fairness the government is taxing its credibility

On fairness the government is taxing its credibility

by Martin Shapland / 06 Feb 2012

When it comes to tax and spend, be it a £26,000 benefits cap, executive pay, bankers bonuses or civil servant largesse, the government needs to tackle abuse and avoidance at every income level

Waiting for the Mili-rapture?

by Martin Shapland / 13 Jan 2012

Is the end nigh for the leader of the opposition? Martin Shapland wonders whether it would kinder if 'Edmageddon' came sooner rather than later

It’s an 1980s thing  

by Martin Shapland / 02 Dec 2011

Striking was acceptable in the 1980s, but the decade called and she wants her laboured exaggeration back, says Martin Shapland

It's time for Osborne to don tights and channel Hood

by Martin Shapland / 02 Nov 2011

It’s time for the coalition to come out fighting for a global financial transaction tax

Catgate isn't about human rights at all

Catgate isn't about human rights at all

by Martin Shapland / 07 Oct 2011

Catgate isn’t a row about who’s right, or whose rights, it's political bluster on the Conservative right over Europe and immigration designed to mask a system that isn't right on any level

Neither left, nor right, but Liberal

by Martin Shapland / 20 Sep 2011

Despite the dire warnings of impending implosion and attacks from both left and right, the mood at the Liberal Democrat conference is upbeat and confident

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