Speaking to Alex Smith, editor of LabourList, for Total Politics' latest piece on the Labour leadership, he revealed who he is backing for leader.

Commenting on the pros and cons of each of the candidates, he stated:

"Ed Miliband is idealistic, he is in touch with the party, he’s warm, he’s empathetic, he’s less experienced than his big brother but that I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing. We need somebody who can grow into the role of leader of the opposition as David Cameron did. I’ve nailed my colours to the mast there. But it doesn’t matter. It was going to happen at some point. You get the exclusive, there you go."

On David Miliband, he said:

"David Miliband is evidently bright, intellectual, energetic, has a lot of different experiences and looks good and is statesmanly. But at the same time, he was the most closely associated of the current candidates to the failures of the last government. I don’t think he was a good foreign secretary. I don’t think he redefined the terms of the war on terror like he set out to. I don’t think he shifted the terms enough. I think he failed as a foreign secretary. And coming out of Gordon Brown’s premiership, where we had somebody who was bright, energetic and determined, but he couldn’t communicate or empathise with people, I think that’s the biggest mistake we could make."

And on Ed Balls, Smith revealed:

"Ed Balls is a talented politician. He can be a nice guy, a thoughtful guy, he’s got time for people but he’s too divisive, I think, for the party. He’s tribal in an age of pluralist politics but I like him and he’s done a lot of really good work. I think he would be a very capable shadow chancellor or something like that and I think he would probably thrive in a role like that."

Read the full article with Ed Balls, Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham, Ed and David Miliband here.

UPDATE: Have also heard that Smith may actually take time off from the website to work on the younger Miliband's campaign. Will update to confirm either way.

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