Muslim councillor Shiria Khatun of Tower Hamlets claims that she has been forced to change the way she dresses after receiving death threats over her ‘western’ style appearance. Shiria Khatun received a brutal phone call threatening the exhumation of her parents but insists that she will not be deterred from politics.

Councillors from Windsor decided in a meeting last night that their attendance record at council meetings will be published online. The politicians agreed that it is the voters’ right to keep track of their work. From now on, whenever a councillor fails to attend a meeting the absence will be published on the city’s website on a monthly basis.

Ynysddu councillor Jan Jones rejoined the Labour Party yesterday. She had formerly resigned in protest claiming that there is a lack of any local candidates on the Islwyn shortlist. Jan Jones quit the party over a week ago along with three other councillors but unlike her fellow protestors, she sees no logic in standing as an Independent candidate.

Cheltenham council and police are facing severe criticism by residents who accuse the authorities of double standards in their parking policies. After various police and council officers have allegedly been witnessed parking their cars illegally, the local authorities now may have to explain why no charges have been brought against them. Staff of both authorities are only allowed to park illegally in the case of an emergency.

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