Watch: Greens assemble political boyband for zany election ad

Written by Staff on 8 April 2015 in Diary


The Green party has unleashed a new party political broadcast masquerading as a boyband video.

It’s a tad, erm, unconventional. But if the success of election broadcasts these days is measured by how viral they go, then the Greens may just be on to something with this slightly zany effort.

The film starts with “David Cameron” at a piano. Then he’s joined by bandmates  “Nick”, “Nigel”, and “Ed” who sing:

“Step into the booth / Look down and face the truth / A vote for me’s the same as a vote for / Any of us guys (any of us guys).”



Opinions are divided on whether it's a hilarious spoof or the worst election broadcast ever. But where on Earth did the Greens draw inspiration from for their outlandish boyband parody?

TP can't help but wonder whether Natalie Bennett is a secret fan of (Tory supporting) comic Mitch Benn, who penned the brilliant 'Boyband' back in 2008. It kicks off:

"Ain't it funny how time flies/20 minutes have gone by/Since I met these other guys..."




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