A dozen Labour MPs should be suspended for disloyalty, says Ken Livingstone

Written by David Singleton on 22 March 2017 in Diary

The former London mayor singled out Wes Streeting and Chuka Umunna.

Ken Livingstone has upped the ante in Labour's ongoing internal war by calling for about a dozen anti-Corbyn MPs to be suspended.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5Live's Emma Barnett, the former London mayor also said he would seek a judicial review if he is expelled. Livingstone is himself currently suspended from the party for comments he made about Hitler.

"Those that have been most over the top I think should be suspended," said Livingstone.

"I'm particularly talking about Chuka Umunna, Wes Streeting - basically it’s the same group of MPs who were screaming that I’d said Hitler was a Zionist and I was anti-semitic.

"The moment that issue went on hold, they were then blaming Jeremy for Britain voting to leave. Just endless criticism. It’s only about a dozen of them.

"The simple fact is they are consciously undermining Jeremy and damaging the Labour party.”

Streeting antagonised allies of the Labour leader at this week's meeting of the parliamentary Labour party by saying that the party was being "driven off a cliff". As tensions ran high, the Ilford MP was told to "calm down" by shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry.

Today, he hit back on Twitter: "I won't be taking any lectures on loyalty from Ken Livingstone. I'm only surprised he hasn't been expelled yet."

Umunna has not been as vocal as some other Labour MPs such as Neil Coyle and Ian Austin in his criticisms of Corbyn.

In this week's PLP meeting, Austin referred to Corbyn as "our so-called leader", while Coyle has said that members of the leader’s entourage tried to silence him and others in during the meeting.

But last year, Umunna got under Livingtone's skin by warning that he had become a "pin-up" for anti-Semitism by "needlessly and repeatedly offending Jewish people".


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