Celebrities gush over Barack Obama's farewell speech

Written by James Millar on 11 January 2017 in News

US President gave well received final address last night while his successor fended off kinky claims

Katy Perry

Barack Obama's emotional speech calling on Americans to defend their democracy was commended by commentators and triggered a wave of praise and nostalgia from celebrity fans.

America's first black president resurrected his campaign slogan "Yes we can" for a valedictory address in Chicago. Obama welled up as he paid tribute to wife Michelle and his family for their support during his eight years in the White House. And he warned that for democracy to succeed it needed participation and called on his audience to get involved, organise and stand for office. He signed off with one "final ask" for Americans: "I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change - but in yours," before reiterating "Yes we can. Yes we did."

A slew of celebs responded positively to the address.

Singer Katy Perry tweeted her appreciation of Obama's "incredible grace in leadership". Nancy Sinatra thanked the Obama's "from my heart" while One Direction singer Niall Horan revealed a political side when he tweeted that they were "the nicest family on earth".

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres spoke of her love for Obama, Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland commended "a job well done" and will.i.am, currently on UK TV screens as a judge on The Voice described him as "strong and respectful, inspiring and honorable".



Meanwhile president elect Donald Trump has been fending off claims that Russian secret services have a dossier about him which could be used for blackmail. The unsubstantiated claims, which are believed to have come via a retired British spy and have not been verified by US security sources or journalists, include that he was offered sweetheart property deals in Russia and that he hired prostitutes in Moscow to perform kinky sex acts. However Trump has denied all the claims and dubbed them fake news in a series of angry tweets. 


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