Boris Johnson: Voters do not want any more Tory leadership 'kerfuffle'

Written by Sebastian Whale on 25 July 2017 in Diary

Boris Johnson has cooled Tory leadership talk, saying voters are tired of the "kerfuffle" over who will succeed Theresa May.

The Foreign Secretary has got about as far away from Westminster as humanly possible on his latest trip to New Zealand.

But he can't avoid reporters' questions over when a successor to Theresa May will materialise, and whether he'll be in the running. 

But Johnson, whose name always comes up in the leadership rumour mill, gave short shrift to any suggestions of back-room plotting.

“What the British people want to see is us getting on with the job. They see no vacancy, nor do they see any for any more political kerfuffle,” he told a press conference alongside his Kiwi counterpart Gerry Brownlee.

And he sounded a defiant note, insisting the Tories would be able to get on with the business of governing despite the disappointing election result.

“Let’s be clear, the election did not evolve entirely in the way the government had hoped or would have wanted. I’m going to put that out," Johnson said.

“But the Labour party did not win, they were 50 seats behind. We have a workable system of getting stuff through the House of Commons. We have workable majority with our friends from Northern Ireland. We are getting on with the business of governing, which is overwhelmingly what the British people want to see."

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