Anti-racism protesters cause chaos at Ukip election launch

Written by John Ashmore on 28 April 2017 in Diary

Watch: Things got a bit hairy...

Ukip's election campaign launch descended into chaos after it was targeted by anti-racism campaigners.

Several members of the Stand Up to Racism group were thrown out of the event before party leader Paul Nuttall arrived to deliver a keynote speech.

They tried to break up UKIP launch with placards reading "Migrant refugees welcome here" and "UKIP is a fascist organisation".

The protestors were railing against Nuttall's announcement that the party would commit to banning full-face veils in public, crack down on female genital mutilation and Sharia courts, and block the opening of new Islamic schools.





Nuttall insisted today that the policies were not discriminatory but aimed at "breaking down barriers" and "integrating people into society". 

Elsewhere in his speech, the Ukip leader said his party would be proposing the abolition of the First Past the Post electoral system and the House of Lords, coupled with the establishment of an English Parliament. 





Nuttall is set to announce which seat he will be contesting in the upcoming election, with policy adviser Patrick O'Flynn strongly hinting he will go for a coastal constituency.

"I'll tell you what, I will give you one clue seeing as you've patiently come and waited, which is - pack your bucket and spade," he said.





Picture by: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/PA Images.




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