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Meet the new Tory MPs who are on track for the top

5 February 2016
Until recently, predicting which Conservative MPs were destined for the big time was relatively...

On the campaign trail: Tim Farron in Kendal

9 April 2015
If the Liberal Democrats are about to fall off a cliff in the general election, one man is keeping...

On the campaign trail: David Cameron does the 'UK-in-a-day'

9 April 2015
“Mine has definitely sagged… Darling, yours looks much better.” David Cameron was in the kitchen of...

On the campaign trail: Sadiq Khan in London

31 March 2015
As the election campaign gets underway for real, Sadiq Khan has detected a new response when he...

Lunch with… Damian McBride

2 March 2015
From 1999 to 2009, Damian McBride worked at the heart of the Treasury and Number 10. He was Gordon...

Lunch with... David Mellor

16 June 2014
This article is from the June 2014 issue of Total Politics A minister under Thatcher and Major...