Theresa May talks education, enjoying the job… and not finishing box sets

Written by David Singleton on 19 February 2018 in Diary

Watch: The PM told  Phillip Schofield  and Holly Willoughby that she can't get to the end of a box set.

Theresa May did her best to insist that she was enjoying leading the warring Tory party and made a shock revelation about her TV viewing as she appeared on This Morning sofa.

The prime minister began the interview with Phillip Schofield  and Holly Willoughby on firm ground as she spoke about the government’s review of student finance and stressed her desire to remove the stigma around non-university education.

"For a long time, I’ve worried about the fact that in this country we’re very good at saying academic education is good and for everybody, but we’ve never put sufficient emphasis on technical and vocational education," she said.

But the chat became more uncomfortable when Schofield suddenly asked the prime minister if she was enjoying the job.

Looking somewhat taken aback, May insisted: "Yes."

But Schofield was apparently not convinced. So he asked again: "Are you?"

To which the prime minister responded: "Yes."

And it didn’t get any less awkward after that…


Schofield: "You can't have imagined it was going to be like this."

May: "Well there's huge issues to be dealing with, but it's worthwhile actually..."

Schofield: “When you see the words beleaguered, hanging on by a thread, loss of power, don't you spend a lot of your time rather than looking forward, looking back to make sure someone isn't about to stab you in the back?”

May: “For me it’s all about what I’m doing to deliver for the public...That’s what drives me.”

Schofield: “Can you hang on? Do you feel secure in your job?”

May: “Look, yes. I am doing a job and I am going to jolly well on get on and do it. And what drives me is not what is written, but what people out there want the government to do.”

Willoughby: "Do you ever switch off? Do you find time to just be able to go ‘right I’m going to put a box set on and relax?’”

May: "I never get to the end of a box set… But I enjoy thing like cooking and walking."

Schofield: "Do you kick your shoes off and order a takeway?"

May: [Laughs a lot but doesn't say anything]





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