Theresa May makes the 'most laboured joke in parliamentary history'

Written by David Singleton on 21 February 2018 in Diary

At least Philip Hammond appeared to be amused when the PM embraced the Czech spy story.

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, Jeremy Corbyn devoted all six of his questions to Brexit for the first time in ages.

But that didn’t stop Theresa May shoehorning in a bad joke about the Czech spy story. Once the Labour leader had finished, she said:

"Normally he stands up every week and asks me to sign a blank cheque. And I know he likes Czechs, but really…"

While Philip Hammond did his best to laugh along, Corbyn pretended to yawn. Meanwhile, political journalists on Twitter were left reeling.

“T May shows how desperate she is to give the spy story legs with the ‘blank Czech’ gag, the most laboured joke in parliamentary history. Ever,” said the Guardian’s Dan Sabbagh.

The Mirror’s Ben Glaze was only slightly kinder: “We were all waiting excitedly to see how Theresa May could shoehorn the Corbyn Czech allegations into #PMQs but the result was frankly a bit shit.”

Meanwhile The Independent’s Tom Peck took issue with the someone who had described the gag as a zinger. “There are better zingers currently in your local KFC….”











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