Six signs that lobby journalists are not taking Ukip seriously

Written by Dods staff on 22 January 2018 in Diary

Ukip leader Henry Bolton is now being compared to Alan Partridge.

Ukip’s beleaguered leader Henry Bolton was this weekend hit with a vote of no confidence from his party’s national executive committee.

He has also suffered resignations from his front bench team following revelations that his (now former) girlfriend sent a stream of racist messages to a pal.

But as the pressure mounts on Bolton, there is mounting evidence that increasing numbers of Westminster journalists do not think the plight of Ukip is worth taking seriously any more…



1. Ukip is like a dead bee, says New Statesman political editor

“Ukip is a political honey bee. It delivered its sting (Brexit) and killed itself in the process,” tweeted George Eaton.


2. Ukip are turning into the ancient Greeks, says Independent sketch writer

Tom Peck jibed: “In ancient Athens, leadership positions were allocated by lucky dip, and held for a single day. Slowly but surely, Ukip are getting there.”


3. Ukip are having a ‘trousers-down leadership farce’, says Guardian veteran

Michael White declared: "BBC ignored UKIP for years, then over compensated wildly. But in recent days it has given far too much prominence to its trousers-down leadership farce."


4. Ukip leader is even being dissed by Neil Hamilton, says Times Red Box boss

Matt Chorley wrote in this morning’s memo: “Neil Hamilton, the disgraced former Tory MP and now Ukip Welsh assembly member, said Bolton needed to ‘seek psychological help’. Being described as mad by Neil Hamilton really is kicking a man when he is down.”


5. Ukip should be treated like a Victorian freak show, says Mirror man 1

Jason Beattie pointed out that Ukip only have 32,000 members and that in the last quarter of 2017 they received only £35,000 in donations. He wrote: “The slow, lingering death of UKIP is grimly fascinating to watch. We should really be treating the spectacle in the same way we now view a Victorian freak show: a curiosity that belongs to another era... They are a hollowed out, skin-flaking cusp of a party."


6. Ukip leader is Alan Partridge, says Mirror man 2

“When Henry Bolton talks about his apartment, he’s talking about a hotel in Folkestone. Could not be more Partridge if he drove there in a Rover 800,” tweeted Mikey Smith. Warming to his theme, Smith then asked: “Can someone please ask Henry Bolton what he thinks about the pedestrianisation of Norwich High Street?”






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