Ruth Davidson refuses to rescue the Tories from their London nightmare

Written by David Singleton on 5 April 2018 in Diary

Even cabinet ministers now admit that the party is 'screwed' in the capital.

“Mrs May’s already priced in a hammering across the country,” wrote TP columnist George Pascoe-Watson last month, looking ahead to the local elections on 3 May.

The former Sun political editor suggested that the Conservatives are braced for a nightmare result in London, with Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnet all turning red.

“Privately, the PM would be pleased to keep Bexley and Bromley as Labour romp to victory on the back of an anti-Brexit backlash in London,” stated GPW in his regular ‘Insider’ column.

Now Tory expectation management has been cranked up yet another gear, with fresh rumblings in the Spectator. As one cabinet minister puts in Will Heaven’s cover piece for the magazine: "There is only one word to describe the party in London: screwed."

As for what can be done about it, Heaven reveals that London Conservatives have been racking their brains.

Apparently, they have considered the drastic step of breaking away from the national party with their own brand and leader, distinct from the “very provincial” operation led by Theresa May.

In another moment of desperation, the Conservative party is said to have asked Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson if her team would consider heading south to mastermind the London campaign. And her response?

"The answer was a polite but firm ‘no’."

Writing on Twitter today, Davidson made no comment on the alleged appeal by London Conservatives - but stressed that she has never been a fan of Tory breakaways.

Responding to the Spectator piece, she stated: "The most glaring issue with this analysis is that the Scottish membership was offered the opportunity to break away - in the leadership election, 2011. I argued we could win again as Conservatives and should stay. That's what the party in Scotland chose to do."






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