Polly Toynbee seizes her chance to give both barrels to George Osborne

Written by David Singleton on 31 October 2018 in Diary

Watch: Osborne did not like being called 'the most right wing chancellor we have ever had'.

Over the years, The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee has made it clear that she is not exactly a fan of George Osborne. 

Back in 2012, she wrote that “the government is pressing the accelerator on all the great drivers of inequality” and “Osborne has devised a near-perfect matrix for turbo-charging the forces that divide us”.

When the former chancellor departed from the political stage last year, she noted that he had left behind a “long-lasting legacy of deeply, truly, unprecedented Tory nastiness”.

But would she have the guts to say the same thing to his face?

The answer, as seen on Newsnight on Tuesday evening, was an emphatic yes. Facing the former chancellor, Toynbee argued that Osborne had been "the most right wing chancellor we have ever had”.

And she told her nemisis: "Your treatment of the poorest people in this country has been despicable.”





In something of an understatement, Osborne replied to Toynbee that he had merely been clearing up Labour’s mess. “But obviously not to your satisfaction.”

Earlier in the show, Osborne admitted that he and David Cameron “did get things wrong”, including being “too late in the day trying to explain some of the benefits of European Union membership.”

He also urged the Tories to consider how better to redistribute wealth — but warned they will lose the next election if they try to “out-Corbyn Corbyn.” 



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