Party animal David Davis demonstrates his action man credentials again

Written by David Singleton on 20 June 2018 in Diary

The Brexit secretary grabbed the mic at the Westbourne Communications party.

David Davis has been a busy chap in the last few weeks. As well as threatening to resign from the cabinet over the government’s ‘backstop’ plan for trade with the EU after Brexit, Davis recently re-enacted the mountain hike that led to him joining the SAS half a century ago.

Wearing a rucksack identical to the one he had to carry on the SAS course over 50 years ago, the top Tory sparked fresh reports that he wants to be leader by telling presenter Guto Harri: "I like hard jobs. We all test ourselves, whether on a regimental selection course or negotiating Brexit."

As the summer party season gets under way, the Brexit secretary has also been the star guest at not one but two lavish lobbying agency parties.

Last week, he enjoyed the bash thrown by Hanover Communications, the firm run by former Tory media chief Charles Lewington, at the Mondrian Hotel.

And last night Davis was at the Mall Galleries for the summer party thrown by Westbourne Communications - where he took the opportunity to further burnish his action man credentials.

With immaculate timing, the Brexit secretary had turned up half though Westbourne boss James Bethell’s big speech, just after the public affairs chief had said that Boris Johnson sent his apologies because he was too busy having his cake and eat it.

Purposefully grabbing the mic (and the speech notes) from Bethell, Davis then insisted on reading out the excuse he had allegedly provided for not turning up himself.

"Sorry not to be here... I am an SAS man who is busy delivering cake."







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