Number 10 cooks up not-so-cunning plan to send Theresa May on tour

Written by David Singleton on 19 July 2018 in Diary

Polling suggests they would better off sending out Sajid Javid and Michael Gove.

Theresa May will go on a tour of Britain this summer in an attempt to convince sceptical Tory members to back her plan for Brexit, it is being reported.

The masterplan was revealed by ConservativeHome editor Mark Wallace who got the lowdown by speaking to Tory Association Chairmen who were called into Downing Street this week as part of a Number 10 charm offensive.

In particular, Wallace reported on a conference call with May:

“Interestingly, the Prime Minister revealed that there are more stages yet to come in Downing Street’s push to secure greater support for the Chequers proposal.

“She informed Association Chairmen that the Government will be issuing a ‘mythbuster’ about the plan later this week in the hope of addressing some of the concerns about what it means in practice, and that she and other ministers will be going ‘out on tour’ over the course of the summer to try to secure people’s backing.”

But could there be a fatal flaw in the plan to send May into the Tory heartlands? Namely that most Tory members think that the leader useless and appear to have already given up on her.

Indeed this unfortunate truth his was borne out in the last cabinet league table produced by ConservativeHome in which Tory members gave May an atrocious -19.5 net satisfaction rating.

That meant that she was less popular than Gavin Williamson and Caroline Nokes - and almost as unpopular as Chris Grayling. Meanwhile Sajid Javid scored +74.7 and Michael Gove was on +73.2. 

Perhaps someone should tell the events team at Number 10…



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