Momentum boss Jon Lansman finally gets to sit on Labour's top table

Written by Dods staff on 15 January 2018 in Diary

 Lansman was a key figure on Tony Benn’s 1981 Labour deputy leadership election.

Jeremy Corbyn has tightened his grip on Labour after his supporters swept to victory in elections to the party's ruling body.

Left wing trio Jon Lansman, Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham easily defeated their moderate rivals - including comedian Eddie Izzard - to claim their places on Labour's national executive committee.

The NEC result gives the left a clear majority on Labour's ruling body for the first time since Corbyn's election. As Adam Boulton put it in his Sunday Times column, this means that for “the first time in Labour’s history ‘the left’ will dominate all three of the party’s centres of power: the trade unions, the shadow cabinet in parliament and the national executive”.

It also represents the final steps in a long march to the top for Lansman, the founder and chairman of Momentum, who was campaign co-ordinator for Tony Benn’s defeat in the 1981 Labour deputy leadership election.

Reflecting on that campaign, Lansman told ITN: "To be less than 1 per cent below Denis Healey is a terrific result...The campaign for the policies and the campaign for party democracy will go on - and there’s nothing that’s going to be stopping it."

Lansman’s victory some 37 years later has unsettled some moderate Labour MPs who fear challenges to their own positions if mandatory reselections are introduced. As has the reaction of the journalist and vocal Corbynite Paul Mason.

He stated: “Left wins clean sweep in Labour NEC membership elections. Now let’s have mandatory selections of all MP candidates in every parliament.”



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