John McDonnell chews over Brexit and biscuits (and nepotism) on Mumsnet

Written by Dods staff on 18 September 2018 in Diary

The shadow chancellor did his best to get through the famous Mumsnet biscuit test.

Politicians have frequently been given a tough time by the users of Mumsnet. In 2009, Gordon Brown was roundly mocked after repeatedly dodging questions about his favourite biscuit. More recently Jeremy Corbyn was called miserable by some Mumsnet users after he said his favourite biscuit was shortbread but that he generally avoided teatime treats because he was “totally anti-sugar on health grounds”.

Today it was the turn of John McDonnell and the shadow chancellor found himself in a spot of bother over nepotism and Brexit.

In response to questions on nepotism, he defended employing Jeremy Corbyn’s son as his chief of staff, saying Seb Corbyn had been appointed “on merit” several years ago, well before he became shadow chancellor.

In another bruising encounter, McDonnell was branded “mealy mouthed” by one user for restating Labour’s commitment to honour the outcome of the Brexit referendum regardless of the final deal reached by the prime minister.

He said: "The issue here is that we have to respect the referendum that took place. Otherwise, we will be accused of flying in the face of a democratic decision. All the polling at the moment demonstrates that the country is deeply divided."

When it came to the Mumsnet biscuit test, McDonnell appeared well prepared. “My mum worked behind the biscuit counter in BHS and we lived off broken biscuits, in particular rich tea,” he said, confidently.

But even that failed to satisfy one user who was “disappointed John took the time to answer what his favourite biscuit was and not answer something more serious and pressing”.

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