John Bercow blasts Philip Hammond: stick to your abacus, man

Written by Dods staff on 27 February 2018 in Diary

Watch: the speaker issued an extraordinary bollocking when the chancellor pulled a face in the Commons.

Philip Hammond has long been known in Westminster as ‘Spreadsheet Phil’. But John Bercow prefers to see the chancellor as an abacus man, it seems.

Bercow’s latest assault on a fellow parliamentarian occurred during Treasury questions, after Liz Truss took the opportunity to hit out at Labour councils for wasting money.

Having criticised the chief secretary to the Treasury for "ranting" about Labour rather than answering for the government, the Speaker then became even more annoyed when her boss appeared to pull a face. He told the Commons:

"If the chancellor is confused about it, he really is uninformed.

"I say to him ‘stick to your abacus, man’."




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