I've got EU babe! Now Cher has her say on Brexit

Written by James Millar on 31 July 2018 in Diary

Vocoder-bothering mega star calls out PM on her plans

It may be the summer's hit movie but Prime Minister Theresa May might be moved to give Mamma Mia 2 a miss after its star took up the issue of Brexit on Twitter.

Cher, who inexplicably plays Meryl Streep's mother in the film, seems concerned about reports that the government might stockpile food to avoid empty shelves in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

She took to Twitter to ask if a CNN report was true that shops might run out of stock. In a direct challenge to Theresa May she asked if the Prime Minister had a 'plan B' for Brexit. Eschewing normal punctuation the 'Believe' singer wrote: "If there's ANY CHANCE This is True,. Prime Minister May,& Parliament..what's your Plan B" 

The government is apparently divided about whether to release a series of reports outlining how bad things could be in the event the UK crashes out of the EU. A plan to release the information over the summer holidays has apparently been scrapped for fear it would scare voters, instead the dossier will be unleashed in one go at the end of August. Analysts have warned that a no-deal Brexit would disrupt supply chains so comprehensively that shops would run out of fresh food. Government attempts to assuage concerns by talking up the possibility of stockpiling food have been widely mocked and derided as unworkable.

Mamma Mia 2 is a largely Europhile project as it is set in Greece, filmed in Croatia and is based around the music of Swedish group Abba. The government may find some comfort in it though since Pierce Brosnan's singing in the original film was also widely mocked and derided and yet he returns in the sequel. 

Cher was already unlikely to be a favourite of Brexiteers having made a name for herself with her outspoken political tweets in the past. Though her ex-husband and one time musical partner Sonny Bono served as a Republican she has been closely allied to the Democrats in the US. She described Donald Trump as an 'obnoxious asshole' in one widely shared 2016 tweet and has compared him to Hitler. She has also been responsible for hits including 'If I Could Turn Back Time' which could be seen as a reference to a second EU referendum and appears to take a lax approach to immigration in 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves'. 

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