Fresh boost for Nadine Dorries' bid to build a literary empire

Written by David Singleton on 22 February 2018 in Diary

Could Dorries be the most successful MP author since Jeffrey Archer?

"I’ve just finished writing a book. I’m not allowed to talk about it, but I loved writing it… it was a very cathartic experience," Nadine Dorries told Total Politics back in 2013.

Her writing is also proving to be a very profitable experience, according to the latest Commons register of interests.

It shows that Dorries – who is the author of novels such as The Four Streets, Ruby Flynn and The Angels of Lovely Lane - has just pocketed a £50,000 advance payment for her next book.

This comes on top of a regular £13,000 a month payment from her publisher plus an extra £70,000 of payments last year.

The vast earnings (over £300,000 in 14 months) have prompted talk in Westminster that Dorries could be the most successful MP author since Jeffrey Archer.

But while Archer’s most recent book gets 4.2 stars out 5 on Amazon, Dorries’ latest work achieves 4.8 of of 5 stars with one recent reviewer calling it "another wonderful read by one of my favourite authors" and another punter praising it as "one of those books that keep you reading until the early hours".

Alas other right wing Tory MPs have not fared so well on the site, with Iain Duncan Smith only getting 1.5 out of 5 stars for his 2003 novel and once recent reviewer calling it "a major contender for the most incoherent, dull, predictable, mess of a novel ever foisted on a long suffering public".

Another typical review of the IDS book states: "This is a tome that should be read behind closed doors. And left behind by said reader when leaving the lavatory for others to use in lieu of toilet tissue."






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