David Lammy unamused as 'policing has vanished' interview goes viral

Written by Dods staff on 6 April 2018 in Diary

'We haven’t seen police in a while and I’ve been here for quite a while now.'

The news that the Metropolitan Police is now investigating more than 50 suspected murders this year is no laughing matter. But Labour MP David Lammy did inadvertently provide a moment of light relief when he popped up on BBC News to decry the lack of local policing in the capital.

“It feels like neighbourhood policing has vanished, it’s not around you. We haven’t seen police in a while and I’ve been here for quite a while now,” he said.

Unfortunately, he had failed to realise an on-the-beat bobby was standing just metres behind him during his piece to camera…

The embarrassing gaffe saw the Tottenham MP trending on Twitter as hundreds online quickly pointed out the error in his complaint. But Lammy did not see the funny side, responding:

“Apparently #DavidLammy is trending. Very funny I know. But let’s please be serious for a minute 4 young men have been murdered in my constituency. Can we ask where the Prime Minister and Home Secretary are hiding? It shouldn’t require me to go on TV to try and get their attention.”

Earlier in the day, Lammy had told the Today programme he was yet to hear from either Amber Rudd or Sadiq Khan.

“I've not had a phone call from the home secretary I've not had a phone call from the mayor. No one has come to visit my constituency. Frankly I'm sick of the political football. What I want is a political consensus.”






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