David Davis resignation spin by Number 10 gets backs up at The Times

Written by David Singleton on 9 July 2018 in Diary

A Downing Street adviser has been outed for telling porkies to the The Times’ deputy political editor.

Congratulations to Guido Fawkes reporter Alex Wickham who bagged the scoop of David Davis’ resignation at 11.28pm on Sunday night.

“Understand David Davis has resigned,” tweeted Wickham, who is soon to join the politics team at BuzzFeed.

Or could the prize be claimed by Express journalist Sarah O’Grady who broke the news one minute earlier - and also happens to be married to Davis’ (now former) chief of staff, the combative and straight-talking Stewart Jackson.

Sounding very much like a Davis spinner herself, she added: “DD decided he couldn’t sellout his own country…. DD wants to honour manifesto promises to Britons. Couldn’t collude with civil servants and Remainers to undermine #Brexit.”

But the first journalist to get close to the resignation on Sunday evening was The Times’ deputy political editor Sam Coates.

Presenting BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour, Coates talked up his own story in Monday’s paper:

He said: “There’s one sentence I’d draw your attention to. ‘It looks as if people are very worried about the deafening silence from David Davis.' Remember where you were when you heard that first…”

A little while later, Coates was hastily rewriting his story and he had a message for the person in Number 10 who had steered him away from the resignation by saying that they were going for a drink with Theresa May’s communications chief - and that there was “nothing to see here”.

The naughty Number 10 operative was told: “We never forget and you’re on the list.”






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