It hadn't occurred to the Total Politics team that skills minister Matt Hancock who is widely tipped for promotion in the forthcoming government reshuffle was about to launch a coup to bring down David Cameron. We always had him pegged as more loyal than that.

But then we had a closer look at the events pages of our current issue: there is the skills minister, as bold as brass, standing directly in front of a graffito saying: SACK CAMERON! 

The Tory MP will doubtless claim he didn't set up the scene deliberately (apparently Hancock was innocently attending an event at the Southbank Skate Park to re-brand the Barclays/Boris bikes). And yes, Total Politics's photographer insists he would never have asked the minister to stand there if he had noticed the offending words.

But conspiracy theories are so much more fun. We'd therefore like to take this opportunity to wish Matt Hancock the very best of luck with his revolution.

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